International Ballet Dance Center

Children's ballet


Ages 6-10. This class introduces children to the basics of ballet.  Children will learn to move and express themselves by developing proper alignment, technique and discipline.  Through Madame Lindt’s training the children to learn the value of patience, persistence, and perseverance to succeed in ballet.

classical ballet & stretch

Ages 14 and Up.  Advanced stretching and breathing exercises are given.  Barre work is introduced with a greater emphasis on vocabulary and French terminology. Musicality continues to be emphasized along with balance and coordination through the strengthening of the body core. Center floor work is introduced with continued focus on the positions of the arms, legs and feet using classical ballet vocabulary.

Ballet movement

Ballet Movement is especially designed to enhance well-being, balance, posture, strengthen bones, improve memory for adults of all ages with or without previous dance training.

private lessons

Private lessons are  customized to the student.  Attention is given towards improving ballet techniques at your tailored pace. Assessments on your ballet basics skills, stretching, stage character, positions, technique, and precise foot placement will develop your individual abilities.



The rates for these classes vary; contact Madame Lindt directly for payment information.


formerly at Carnegie Hall