International Ballet Dance Center
formerly at Carnegie Hall



"Having worked with many of the world's leading dancers, I feel qualified in assessing the prestigious and unique background of Ms. Lindt, as well as her potential impact on   dance training in the United States.  


Rosemarie Lindt  has not only worked with such legendary performers and choreographers as Maurice Bejart, Rudolf Nureyev, Roland Petit and Mathide Kschessinskaya but her training with the world famous Madame Nora Kiss forms a link to history’s greatest dancers such as Pavlova and Carlotta Brianza.  Miss Lindt has also studies with the great choreographer Kurt Joss, and extensively studied various dance forms such as Classical Spanish, Modern, Tap, Pas De Deux and the Rudolf Von Laban method of Kinetography.


Ms. Lindt has wonderful performing and demonstrating abilities, as well as great gifts of communication (she speaks many languages).


Classical Ballet needs and deserves to have the best and most knowledgeable teachers,and dance training in America should be able to benefit from the expertise and rich cultural history of Europe's best teachers such as Rosemarie Lindt.  Thank you."  (David Howard)

​"Since 1994, Madame Rosemarie Lindt has been my Ballet Teacher and Coach for my performances as a Tango Dancer.  It is difficult to share on one page how wonderful Madame Lindt is as a Master Teacher of the Art of Ballet, Dance, Body Movement, Acting & Performance Technique, and how they apply to enhancing our daily lives.


As a great Ballerina in Europe, she shares her vast knowledge and experience of the Art of Ballet: the dancers, the Ballets, the styles, the great choreographers and all the traditions that make Ballet so wonderful to learn, not only to be a professional, but for the joy of learning a beautiful discipline and art that enhances the lives of all her students no matter what level of ability.


Rosemarie is dedicated to her art and to her students.  Everyone who takes her ballet or stretch classes:  young and old benefits from her mastery.  She commands a high level of professionalism in every way and shares her art totally from her heart and soul.


Working with Madame Lindt enhanced not only my ability to dance Ballet, as well as to perform and teach Tango, but has enriched my life.  She will be a great asset to any place she is asked to teach and share her wonderful training, knowledge, expertise and joy through the Art of Ballet."  (Madelyn Klein)